We Offer both Loans and Leases.

Is Leasing the right decision for your business or is an Equipment Finance Agreement (a specific type of loan) your best bet?

Both financing instruments provide 100% financing, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The major difference is leases are not loans, they are a type of rental agreement, using only the equipment you’re buying as the collateral. Equipment Finance Agreements typically take only the equipment as collateral as well. However, a bank loan may require additional collateral or even a “blanket” UCC filing, that takes your receivables, inventory and all your equipment as collateral. Bank loans also require a large down payment since the bank does not understand the equipment’s value.

Ask yourself:

  • How important is conserving our cash or bank credit lines?

  • What will our equipment or technology needs be in the future?

  • Do I want to pledge other assets or my home as collateral to the bank?

  • Do we need to broaden our borrowing base so the bank has less control?

  • Can we wait for endless information requests and the long approval process at the bank?

For most businesses "Cash is King", meaning cash is the most important resource for its future, so borrowing outside the bank is smart. Other businesses are constantly changing their equipment and technology due to obsolescence, so a lease with continuous upgrades is also a viable option.