We’ve done many transactions over 20 years with The Money Source, we truly like their excellent service, they work hard to make financing as easy as possible for me. And, we always check their quote against our local lenders, who they’ve beaten every time.
— From the owner of a 25+ year old auto body shop chain in Portland
Very helpful team, they always bend over backwards for us! We’re on a first name basis now and we love the fact they just answer all of our questions, never pressuring to close a new loan. It’s the level of respect for me as the “little guy” that I really like.
— From a Wood Products supplier/hauling service
Happy with their professionalism and great responsiveness when we need it. We deal with lots of various people every day, and it’s obvious they’re on the ball, and most importantly, get things DONE! I’d rather deal with them than my banker, who acts like he’s doing us a favor by just talking to me.
— From a general construction contractor in Bellingham
We like that The Money Source doesn’t care if I buy used equipment from an auction or private party seller. Quick response, always keeps in touch and very pleasant personalities.
— From a Marine Services company in Greater Seattle
Great fast service at a fair price. And when we have an off year, they are nice to have as an alternative to my bank, who is hot and cold with us, depending on my P&L.
— From a Large Home building contractor in Phoenix
Service. Mike and the staff are detail oriented and help us through every step, keeping us updated and making sure things go smoothly.
— From a manufacturing company in the San Francisco Bay area
We like their progress payments to our equipment suppliers, we like their customized repayment terms to match our seasonality, and they usually have lease terms as good, if not better, than our own bank!
— From a Fruit Grower/Processor in Eastern Washington